ZIFA councillors defiant

By Lawrence Trusida

THE Drama continues to unfold in Zimbabwean football with the recently suspended ZIFA councillors adamant that their Extraordinary Congress which is expected to revoke the mandate of the Felton Kamambo led board will go ahead in April.

27 Councillors and football officials were suspended this Monday by the suspended ZIFA board, but the councillors are defiant.

They feel they have a strong case given three members of the ZIFA board, Sugar Chagonda, Barbra Chikosi and Farai Jere accepted their suspension by the Sports and Recreation Commission, leaving only members representing the board.

According to the councillors the remaining three board members ZIFA president Felton Kamambo, board members Philemon Machana and Brighton Malandule do not form a full quorum.

“The constitution is clear, that a full quorum is supposed to take such action and its only three people who made this decision and also the constitution says 14 days notice should be given for a board meeting and all that wasn’t followed it shows that these people continue to violate the constitution as we have all been talking of.”

Despite the setback which saw the World Football Governing Body- FIFA stopping the proposed extraordinary Congress which was scheduled to be held at the weekend, the councillors are prepared to wait for April.

“We are waiting for April, FIFA was clear it simply said wait for the 90 days that are given by the constitution they did not say don’t hold the EGM, so we are prepared to wait and we will pose our questions to the board members and they will respond if the answers are not satisfactory then we will recall them, they need to answer to the allegations.”

While the general sentiment is that the nation is being taken for a ride, the drama continues to unfold and we surely haven’t heard the last of this story.