ZERA slashes fuel prices

By Stanely James
THE Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority ( ZERA), has approved a reduction in the prices of petrol and diesel in response to a slump in the global oil commodity prices.
The new fuel prices approved this Tuesday have seen diesel dropping to 20 dollars 84 cents from 21 dollars 52 cents while blended petrol has gone down to 21 dollars per litre from 21 dollars 77 cents per litre.
While welcoming the reduction in the prices of fuel, Motorists, however, expressed mixed feeling over its sustainability.
“We hope zvinoramba zvakadaro, mmm but u never know maybe inozokwira price yacho, well chinhu chakanaka chaizvo,” they said.
Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce Vice President, Mr Archie Dongo spoke on the need to widen energy cost relief measures.
“Even electricity we also need such adjustments so that we can operate better given the current shocks due to the COVID-19 pandemic across the world,” he said.
Global fuel prices are on a decline as most firms that rely on oil have scaled-down operations or shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic.