ZBC-Women in News partner to empower women in media

By Oleen Ndori

Global organisation, Women in News, is looking at partnering female journalists at the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) to find ways of empowering women in the male dominated field.

In an interface between ZBC and Women in news organisation, ZBC Chief Executive Officer, Ms Adelaide Chikunguru stressed the importance of empowering women particularly those in leadership positions.

“We are looking at ways to continuously empower women especially women in leadership positions,” she said.

Women in News Africa Director Jane Godia weighed in saying government support is important as it demonstrates political will in safeguarding and empowering women.

“We are providing training opportunities for women across different sectors and we have been receiving support from the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services and now ZBC. This will go a long way in supporting women in the field,” she noted.

Women in News, is a global organisation partnering media organisations and individuals to close the gender gap in the media through increasing women’s leadership and voices in the news.