ZBC radio stations listenership grows, ZAMPS

By ZBC Reporter

THE Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) flagship radio stations are dominating the airwaves after massive growth in listenership as revealed by the latest Zimbabwe All Media Products Survey (ZAMPS).

The Zimbabwe All Media Products Survey (ZAMPS) results released this Thursday have once again confirmed the dominance of ZBC’s radio stations, with National FM’s language versatility giving it a competitive edge in growing its listenership base.

It is, however, Radio Zimbabwe that continues to top the charts with 51 percent of the rural listenership and 32 percent in urban areas.

National FM follows closely, accounting for 39 percent of listeners in rural areas and 31 percent of urban dwellers.

POWER FM dominates urban listenership with 22 percent.

ZBC Acting Director Human Resources and Corporate Affairs, Rumbi Moyo says the results are reflective of the corporation’s commitment to educating and entertaining the Zimbabwean population.

“We are excited to note the performances of our radio stations particularly radio Zimbabwe and National FM that are continuing to dominate ZAMPS,” said Moyo.

She added that the audiences can look forward to more content as the national broadcaster is preparing to launch two new channels in the next few months.

“We keep trying to find ways of entertaining our audiences and we are preparing to launch two new channels 0-Jive and our news channel,” she added.

The survey also reveals how ZBC’s Khulumani FM has grown in listenership from 13 percent to 16 percent.

The Main News, Talking Farming, Nhau/Indaba, Agri-business and Sunday Sport are among the most-watched programmes on ZBCTV.