ZBC News programmes prove to be the favourite of many

By Colette Musanyera

The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation’s News Programmes are dominating the airwaves, led by Nhau-Indaba as revealed by the Zimbabwe All Media and Products Survey (ZAMPS) results announced in Harare this Thursday.

The ZAMPS results for the first half of the year reveal that ZBC TV dominates the broadcasting media space, where it leads with 16% viewership nationally against 3K TV’s 2% and ZTN’s 0.4%.

According to the ZAMPS results, the national broadcaster’s dominance in television viewership is mainly driven by its news programmes.

“Nhau indaba leads with 43% viewership, while Main news has 20%. GMZ has 26% viewership, while Late night news has 9% viewership,” said Dave Rusike of the Zimbabwe Advertising Research Foundation.

The national broadcaster’s dominance is also confirmed in radio broadcasting where Radio Zimbabwe leads with 24% of the national listenership, a feat attributed to programmes such as Chakafukidza Dzimba Matenga which has 39% listenership.

Gifted with charismatic personalities and engaging shows, it is not surprising that Radio Zimbabwe continues to live up to its moniker Huruyadzo after coming out tops in the Zimbabwe All Media and Products Survey.

National FM has dropped from last year’s 20% to 16% this year while Power FM has 10% listenership.

Classic 263 has 1% listenership with programmes like Behind the Wall proving to be the favourite of many with 34% listenership.

The survey also revealed that Radio Zimbabwe has registered an increase on Community Radio stations listenership from last year’s 22% to 28% this year, while National FM has risen from last year’s 11% to 23% this year.

However, Khulumani FM’s listenership has dropped from last year’s 24% to 12% this year.