ZBC management implored to come up with sound business strategies

By Tafara Chikumira

Government has implored the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Cooperation (ZBC) management to come up with sound business strategies in line with the dictates of the National Development Strategy one.

ZBC top management and board members are in Gweru for a strategic workshop to come up with policies and guidelines of improving efficiency in running the state broadcaster.

Officiating at the workshop, the Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Senator Monica Mutsvangwa said the days of the state broadcaster’s monopoly are over, hence the need for the ZBC to improve its operations.

“I must also add that on top of the increased competition for audiences, for markets and therefore survival, the broadcaster must balance the demands of commerce and industry with those of statecraft. By this I mean that while your competitors will be seized with simply securing audiences and transforming that viewership into profit, you as the national broadcaster must carry the additional burden of satisfying the information needs of developmental state that is in the middle of a transformative phase in its progress towards attaining upper middle-income status by 2030,” said the Minister.

In keeping with the COVID 19 health protocols, all the participants at the workshop were tested with all the results coming out negative.

She added: “I can’t continue before I thank you for a job well done during COVID-19. You have been doing a critical job by bringing awareness and securing lives. Your radio stations and television channel have been churning out correct pandemic wisdom. I know your challenges. 95 percent are now aware of the job you have been doing. Let me thank you my Frontline workers.”

The ZBC board and management took time to express some of the notable changes currently being put in place to transform the institution for the better.

Said Chairman Dr Josaya Tayi: “Transformation is already yielding results. There is cohesion amongst our executives. Communication is already flowing. We as a board want to leave a mark. We want ZBC to be independent. We are left with only two years. We want to achieve our mandate. We are getting positive response from the public.”

“We are in the process of rethinking our business model. We are doing better than what we have ever done. The current business model is not conducive. We need a new culture. We need to re-energise the business. We need to rethink. We need to define market size. ZBC had divisions and marketing needs to create sustainable retainer clients,” CEO Ms Adlaide Chikunguru said.

The stakeholders had a team building exercise which was meant to create cohesion and understanding among stakeholders as they shared ideas on how to transform the state broadcaster for the better.