ZANU PF’s VP Mohadi calls for environmental protection

By Mhlomuli Ncube

ZANU PF Vice President and Second Secretary, Cde Kembo Mohadi has lamented the caliber of opposition councilors who have reduced most urban centres to an eyesore.

Cde Mohadi, who led a clean-up campaign in Hwange where poor service delivery has been laid bare by mediocre waste management systems, implored the local community to actively protect the environment for future generations.

“The opposition-led municipal councils have failed to prioritize the importance of having a clean environment for the benefit of our people. Our future generation stands at a precipice of inheriting cities without natural capital to provide for their food, clean air and water. You have power to avoid this by voting them out of the administration of cities,” he said.

Government is conscious of the need for a clean Hwange as the town continues to grow.

Matabeleland North Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Cde Richard Moyo noted: “Hwange district is poised for massive development through the implementation of the Victoria Falls-Binga Regional Planning Framework. This will result in increased urbanisation and will require that as planning authorities and development entities, we all embrace and start preparing for envisaged population influx through development and implementation of proper solid waste management plans.”

The challenge that authorities have placed upon provincial authorities in Matebeleland North is to put in place strategies to sustain the national clean-up programmes.