ZANU PF Youth League encourages citizens to be vaccinated

By ZBC Reporter

ZANU PF Youth League Acting Deputy Secretary for Youth Affairs Cde Tendai Chirau has implored Zimbabweans to take up the vaccines which are being distributed to all for free.

In a statement, Cde Chirau said efforts to eradicate Covid-19 continue to intensify, the ZANU PF Youth League wishes to express its unreserved gratitude to the government, for procuring more Covid-19 vaccines.

“The recent procurement of more than one million sinovac  Covid-19 vaccines, which arrived a few days ago, in addition to the initial batch of more than six hundred thousand  shots received earlier from the People’s Republic of China is evidence of high leadership shrewdness and commitment to saving lives.

“We unreservedly pay profound homage to His Excellency, our President Cde ED Mnangagwa and his administration for the robust vaccination drive, which remains crucial to national efforts towards an effective arrest of the pandemic. We are grateful for the President’s rapid response; a response that can be described as sheer statecraft acumen. The USD100 million treasury injection towards the vaccination programme aptly substantiates Government’s commitment to the sustainable welfare needs of our people,” he said.

Cde Chirau further noted that the League subscribes to  President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s  confidence that the vaccines will aid Zimbabwe’s fight against Covid-19’s global havoc wrecking effects.

“We also applaud the policy drive of the vaccine roll-outs as it galvanizes the urgent need for full economic resurgence, retooling the health sector beyond the post-Covid-19 era.

“Currently, approximately seventy two thousand doses have been administered and that is commendable point of departure, which deserves uppermost acceleration considering that about 60% of the national population require full vaccination in order to achieve   effective head immunity.  It is our conviction that this recent procurement should now facilitate immediate fast-track vaccination of all Zimbabweans,” he said.

The Youth League also thanked governments of China and India for the kind donations of vaccines.

“We also extend heartfelt appreciation to the governments of the People’s Republic of China under His Excellency Cde Xi Jin Ping, and India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, for their unprecedented humanitarian intervention through their respective generous Covid-19 vaccine offers to our country. The two gestures substantiate the profundity of our fraternal relations which are imbued on humanist diplomacy than usual political multilateralism.  Such linkages at a diplomatic level in times of crisis only buttress the essence of humanity.

“Once again, the ZANU PF Youth League appreciates Cde ED Mnangagwa for making such a decisive policy effort in combating the pandemic in Zimbabwe. We value your leadership and dedication, combined with your administration’s teamwork and energy. To the rest of Zimbabwe and all frontline workers who continue to make sacrifices, we say keep up the excellent work, your efforts are recognized and remain most important during this time,” he said.