Zanu pf youth leaders expelled from the politburo

By Magaret Matibiri
ZANU PF Youth League Secretary, Pupurai Togarepi, has been stripped of his position in the politburo with immediate effect while he retains his position as a Central Committee member and the party’s youth leaders, Lewis Matutu and Godfrey Tsenengamu were suspended for 12 months after having violated previous decisions made by the politburo following their “naming and shaming” of alleged “corrupt individuals”.
Addressing the media after Zanu PF’s 336th politburo session this Wednesday, acting secretary for administration, Patrick Chinamasa said Matutu and Tsenengamu are now ordinary card-holding members of the party until the lapse of their 12-month suspension, in which time they should attend a compulsory three-month ideological course at Chitepo School of Ideology.

Matutu was the deputy youth secretary while Tsenengamu was the political commissar for the youth league.
“The politburo discussed at length the issue pertaining to a press briefing which was held by the deputy youth secretary, Cde Matutu and political commissar for the youth league, Cde Tsenengamu, purportedly in their individual and personal capacities,” he said.
“The politburo took note of this irregular modus operandi which is alien to the party’s way of doing its business, previously it happened and politburo deliberated and specifically gave a directive that the youths if they have any problems which are of significance to them, they should raise them in the proper forum, in this case, the politburo and all three members are part of that platform, the politburo, to raise those issues, now they flaunted that directive. It is important to emphasize that the party does not condone corruption and it has set structures within the party and at government level of which these can be approached. We encourage all members to report all cases of corruption and bring forward the evidence. Unfortunately, there has been no evidence before the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission pertaining to previous allegations and I’m sure that even now, we will probably find that the claims or allegations are unsubstantiated. The departure or violation of the decision of the politburo was an act of indiscipline calling for severe punishment, it was unanimously agreed that this act of indiscipline will not be tolerated.”
The two, Matutu and Tsenengamu are now ordinary card-holding members of the party and will be eligible to stand in any election for any position in the Zanu PF party after 12 months.
The secretary for administration, Tendai Chirau, is now the acting deputy secretary for youth and will serve in the politburo.