Zanu PF Youth commends country’s heroes & defence forces

By ZBC Reporter
THE ZANU PF Youth League says the sacrifices made by the fallen and living heroes of this country remain an inspiration to the young people of Zimbabwe as they treasure the values of unity, tenacity and hard work for the growth of the economy.
This was said by the revolutionary party’s Acting Deputy Secretary for Youth Affairs Cde Tendai Chirau in a statement on the occassion of the commemoration of the Heroes and Defence Forces Day.
“The ZANU PF Youth League joins the Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, First Secretary of the revolutionary ZANU PF and President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, HIS Excellency Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa and the rest of the nation in commemorating this year’s Heroes day and Defence forces day. We owe a matchless debt of gratitude to the gallant sons and daughters of the soil who in a great selfless act of faith and determination, threw everything they had into making Zimbabwe free from the shackles of colonial bondage.
“Our heroes and heroines displayed fearless gallantry from the first Chimurenga /Umvukela against the vagaries of unjust land distribution, oppressive foreign political domination, forced labour and emasculation of indigenous livelihoods among other prejudicial oddities, to the continued entrenchment of apartheid during the Ian smith regime, which spawned an equally gruelling and bloody Second Chimurenga. From these sacrifices, the revolutionary youths of Zimbabwe continue to draw inspiration and vital life lessons. We treasure the values of unity, tenacity, love and hard work which they bequeathed us. We are ever indebted to them for the gift of land, our most valued national endowment with which we have a more than special relationship as indigenes, and which has placed us firmly on the path to fortune,” he said.
Cde Chirau also hailed the achievements by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces in the region and beyond in fostering peace and development.
“We also commemorate during this period, our magnanimous defence forces, the ZDF, and unreservedly commend them for remaining resolute in defence of our sovereignty and territorial integrity. Throughout our history as a young self-determining democracy, our forces have raised high the national banner, becoming a professional force of regional and international renown, upholding the codes of justice and equality, preservation and promotion of the common good and maximisation of general welfare, and above all, the preservation of abiding peace and stability, the key ingredients for sustained national prosperity.
“As the youth, it is our unequivocal conviction that our rootedness in the land can only be made worthwhile through a culture of productivity on it. Not being productive on the land is letting down our heroes, both living and fallen, and also overburdening those who have dedicated their lives top defending it day and night. Therefore, we welcome the President Cde Mnangagwa‘s conduct of a comprehensive land audit as a discerning undertaking in order to optimise land utilisation. Indeed, the youth are ready to be productive on land and propel the nation forward,” he said.