ZANU PF Women’s league in massive PPEs production

By ZBC Reporter
WOMEN have been rallied to spearhead the mass production of personal protective equipment (PPEs) as the nation continues to battle the Covid-19 pandemic.
This Friday the Zanu PF Women’s League was in Gwanda town where the party’s Secretary for Women’s Affairs, Senator Mabel Chinomona challenged women to take the lead in the mass production of personal protective equipment (PPEs).
“We have 13 000 masks here, we want every constituency to receive at least 1 000 masks. Legisaltors will help in the sewing of masks and PPE’s. Let us do what we can to protect ourselves from this pandemic and let us encourage each other to be vaccinated.
Women were also urged to contribute immensely in the ruling party’s mobilisation drive as it targets five million votes in the 2023 general elections.
“What l saw today is beautiful, as women we have to empower ourselves and do away with the dependency syndrome. If we empower ourselves and people see that in Zanu PF we mean business, more people will join the party. As the women’s league we are the ones who are supposed to be on the forefront recruiting new and old party members. We are the centre of the party and we have to show that by the numbers we will bring into the party,” she said.
Zanu PF Women League Secretary for Administration Senator Monica Mutsvangwa reminded the Matabeleland South provincial women’s league about the vision of the Second Republic.
“President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been working hard and we have seen a number of projects that he is implementing for the betterment of this nation. We have our children who are outside the country and they left this country because of the deteriorating economic situation, we want to revive the economy and make sure that our children come back home and work for this beautiful nation,” said Senator Mutsvangwa.
President Mnangagwa was commended for timeously rolling out the vaccination programme which has seen the country taking the lead in the fight against Covid-19 in the region.