Zanu PF VP Mohadi drums up support for revolutionary party in Tsholotsho

By Sifiso Sibanda

THE community in Matabeleland North province have been encouraged to tap into available economic resources such as wildlife, the Zambezi water and timber to empower themselves.

This was the advice from Zanu PF Vice President and Second Secretary, Cde Kembo Mohadi when he addressed people at Chefunye Centre in Tsholotsho as the ruling party drummed up support for Tsholotsho South candidate, Cde Musa Ncube.

He said the government is committed to supporting locals so that they become a part of the hunting safari industry and develop themselves, while at the same time tapping from the Zambezi Water Project to quench the thirst and create a green belt in the province.

“While Mat North has high value natural resources, such as Wildlife and water, it is sad that the locals are not a part of these sectors and I am directing that you tap into these resources and we give you hunting quotas and you become a part of the tourism sector and be a part of this lucrative sector. Even the Zambezi water it must be a part of Mat North development,” he said.

Turning to Chefunye community, cde Mohadi directed the District Development Fund (DDF) to drill more boreholes in Tsholotsho South to alleviate water challenges that communities are facing.

“Given the water challenges here, I am directing DDF to immediately drill boreholes and support water initiatives for Tsholotsho people, this must be done now.”

Cde Mohadi also assured people that the revolutionary party is making strides to ensure that there is enough food for all through different community initiatives including the Pfumvudza/Intwasa programme.