ZANU PF seized with development programmes

By Kenias Chivuzhe

Lack of development in opposition-led areas came under the spotlight at the ZANU PF Women’s League rallies in Mutasa South and Mutare this Friday, with calls for the electorate to resoundingly vote for ruling party candidates to guarantee tangible progress.

It was a busy day for Zanu PF Women’s League Secretary for Administration, Senator Monica Mutsvangwa who addressed residents of Mutasa South at Muchena Business Centre before proceeding to Sakubva in Mutare, where issues of poor service delivery and infrastructure development came under on the spotlight.

“The President is looking into the issue of reviving Redwing to ensure there is employment creation and productivity here. There issues of water supply and rehabilitation of roads are also on the priority list. Some of the issues of concern such as the farm wrangle will be attended to by Cde Mugadza with government support after assuming office,” she said.

Residents of Mutasa South were challenged to vote for party candidate Advocate Misheck Mugadza to advance the developmental agenda.

“There is need to correct past mistakes and resoundingly vote for advocate Misheck Mugadza. If you vote for a ZANU PF candidate it means there will be smooth implementation of development programmes. He will be able to take up your issues to the ministers’ right up to the presidency. Voting for the opposition has resulted in development suffering due to leadership discord. You should not be fooled that voting for opposition will attract western support. That’s a lie as they are our colonisers. They further their interests,” Senator Mutsvangwa added.

Turning to Sakubva, Senator Mutsvangwa highlighted that poor service delivery will be a thing of the past if residents vote for Zanu PF councillors.

“We need to vote for our councilors to ensure service delivery improves. We need to vote for Resistance Mundembe and Matimati. The level of deterioration of service delivery should push us to vote for ZANU PF candidates. Electing ZANU PF councilors will ensure your concerns will be addressed as they will not have any challenges in engaging ministers and other top government officials.”

Meanwhile, ZANU PF Mutasa South candidate, Advocate Misheck Mugadza promised to deliver upon being elected into office.

“I am going to attend to the issue of the farm where Muchena is constructed to ensure people will not be re-located. I will use my office as a lawyer. With regards the road linking this place with Penhalonga, a grader is now on the ground,” he said.

The day started with a clean-up campaign at Muchena Business Centre, where ZANU PF politburo member, Cde Douglas Mahiya and Manicaland Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Honorable Nokuthula Matsikenyere highlighted that sound waste management is at the centre of President Mnangagwa’s health promotion and development agenda.