Zanu PF retains Chimanimani rural Ward 16 council seat

By ZBC Reporter
Zanu PF has retained the Chimanimani Ward 16 council seat, with party candidate, Charles Chinamira defeating MDC’s Erasmus Brightwell by a wide margin in Saturday’s polls.
Zanu PF’s Chinamira won the by-election by 1 589 votes against 231 for MDC’s Murada.
“I thereby declare Charles Chinamira of Zanu PF as duly elected Councillor for Chimanimani rural ward 16. Mr Chinamira of Zanu PF got 1589 votes while Mr Erasmus Brightwell Murada of MDC got 231 votes,” said the poling agent while announcing the results.
Speaking to the ZBC News, the winning candidate, Chinamira said he has a huge task ahead to drive development in the area especially now in the recovery process following last year’s Cyclone Idai disaster.
“As you might be aware this ward is one of the areas that was heavily affected by the Cyclone Idai disaster and before me is a huge task to drive development, empowerment and preach the gospel of devolution which government is driving,” he said.
The voting process progressed smoothly with polling stations opening at 7 am and closing at 7 pm.
Voters expressed satisfaction over the voting process and efficiency of the electoral commission.
“The process was fast and efficient because the whole process did not even exceed 5 minutes,” said one voter.”
However, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) Manicaland Provincial Elections Officer, Moffat Masabeya said the electoral body is concerned with the low turnout of polling agencies, noting the absence of political parties in elections training programmes.
“I am very worried about the disappointing participation of political parties in terms of training and presence at polling stations. We called all parties for training and only Zanu PF came the second day while the opposition did not attend at all. Today, only five of the eleven polling stations had representatives of both the parties while the other six had only Zanu PF agencies,” said Masabeya.
The Chimanimani ward 16 seat fell vacant following the death of Cde Tendai Nyabanga in December last year.