Zanu PF provincial leadership urged to focus on voter mobilisation

By Innocent Nxumalo

Zanu PF Second Secretary, Cde Kembo Mohadi has challenged the party’s leadership in Matabeleland South to work round the clock in the voter registration awareness campaign ahead of the boundary delimitation exercise.

Matabeleland South province could lose some constituencies during the delimitation exercise due to voter registration apathy, but in his addressing to the Zanu PF provincial leadership in Beitbridge this Friday, Cde Mohadi said the possible setback will be a reflection of poor leadership in the party’s mobilisation drive.

Noted Cde Mohadi, “I am perturbed that this failure to mobilise people is catching up with us. It is evident that we will lose four political constituencies. And the loss will be felt by nobody else but Zanu PF. This then calls us to move with speed and urge whoever is around us, get them registered as we recruit them into the party of choice, Zanu PF.”

Cde Mohadi also took a swipe at those who target positions to line their pockets thereby soiling the image of the party.

“As we congratulate you for being the new executive for the province, we need to remind those who have no intentions of serving people, but are only good in looking for money. They do name-dropping and make the party to be hated by the electorate. Those doing that should resign forthwith.”

The provincial executive members were also reminded to be marshals against economic saboteurs by remaining vigilant as government works on a raft of economic measures.