ZANU PF members urged to defend the revolution

By Providence Maraneli

THE people of Matabeleland South have been urged to vote for the tried and tested ZANU PF party in the upcoming by-elections as this is the only way to defend the revolution and ensure continuity of development projects.

The intertwined relationship between ZANU PF and its rural masses came to light at Mbalabala in Umzingwane, where the national chairman, Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri addressed thousands who gathered to drum up support for the party’s candidates in the upcoming by-elections

“You saw the youth numbers; the party is growing and we are going win resoundingly,” a supporter said.

“The 26th March is going to be a litmus test for us and it is critical as the youths to demonstrate that we are here to defend the revolution,” another added.

Matabeleland South province is bullish of a resounding victory in the upcoming by-election.

“We have 6 vacant seats and for the 3 that we had under ZANU PF and unfortunately lost our members, victory is certain and the other three we were gifted by the confusion in the opposition. We are going to bring them home,” ZANU PF Matabeleland South provincial chairman, Cde Mangaliso Ndlovu noted.

Addressing party supporters at Mbalabala Business Centre, ZANU PF national chairman, Cde Muchinguri-Kashiri emphasised the need for the people to remember the sacrifices made by those that died during the armed struggle as they go to the ballot on the 26th.

“People sacrificed for this country during the struggle. The onus is now on you to defend the revolution. As you go to the ballot on the 26th of March, remember the sacrifices they made,” she said.

The national chairman also took time to remind people how the second republic has fulfilled the promises made during 2018 elections.

“The Second Republic is committed to improving the lives of everyone. Look at Beitbridge-Masvingo road, the border and the dams we are constructing. The President has fulfilled his 2018 elections. Devolution is doing wonders.”

Matabeleland South has six vacant council seats.