ZANU PF launches Tsholotsho South by-election campaign

By Mhlomuli Ncube

ZANU PF has officially launched its by-election campaign for the Tsholotsho South constituency national assembly seat.

The revolutionary party rolled out its campaign machinery at Mbamba area. The party is sticking to its message of development, with candidate Cde Musa Ncube confident of victory.

“I am saying to you: send me to work for you in Parliament as we look to forge ahead with government’s developmental programmes that have always been part of Tsholotsho South,” Cde Ncube said.

The launch was also a chance to remind the Tsholotsho South electorate of the stagnation and lack of development days when the opposition once took the constituency.

ZANU PF Matabeleland North Provincial chairperson, Cde Richard Moyo said: “You voted for the opposition for two terms. You saw how the province retrogressed in terms of development in Tsholotsho South. When your eyes were opened you then voted for ZANU PF and you have seen the development that came to Tsholotsho South.”

ZANU PF’s message of development is resonating with many in Tsholotsho South.