Zanu-PF commended for its show of democracy

By Bruce Chahwanda

Political Editor

POLITICAL Analysts say the recent polls by ZANU-PF show the existence of democracy with an ultimate goal of rejuvenating the party ahead of the March 26 by-elections and harmonised polls slated for next year.

The revolutionary ZANU-PF party held its provincial executive elections recently which have been hailed by political analysts as a show of force and unity of purpose.

Political Analyst and Researcher Gibson Nyikadzino said unlike other political outfits, ZANU-PF has been religiously following democratic processes which strengthen the institution hence giving it an advantage ahead of elections.

“We have seen ZANU-PF having primary elections in 2018, now they recently held provincial elections which sought to strengthen the party and this shows the existence of democracy. The existence of democracy is further proven by unity among party members after the polls compared to other political parties who always split after primary elections,” he said.

Another political Analyst Takudzwa Gambiza said the recent ZANU PF provincial polls are testimony that the party is the home of democracy.

“We have witnessed that democracy is alive and this is the way to go for a revolutionary party. The internal democratic processes attracted international media as they want to see real democracy in action and that was proved beyond reasonable doubt as elections brought more unity with the party,” he said.

The party has thrust new blood into leadership positions while some seasoned party members have been retained to lead provinces which is a show of confidence with the leadership.

First Secretary and President of ZANU-PF Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa indicated that there are no losers or winners except victory for the party.

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