ZACC takes anti-corruption campaign to rural areas

By Wellington Makonese
The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) has stepped up efforts to root out all forms of corruption after completing the first phase of it’s awareness programme in rural areas.
This comes against popular opinion that corruption is rooted around high-profile people, some of whom have been prosecuted, ZACC has been spearheading awareness campaigns in rural areas, enlightening communities on the multi-facets of corruption.
The corruption watchdog unearthed vital information on corrupt activities in the distribution of inputs under the Pfumvudza/ Intwasa programme.
“With this some have been unceremoniously sacked from duty some being victimised and not allowed access to food maybe in social welfare when they have played whistle blowing, we have had instances where others have failed to turn up to court due to threats but cabinet recently enacted the whistle blowers and whistle protection legislation which will give people the opportunity to speak,” said Commissioner John Makamure, ZACC Spokesperson.

Cabinet recently approved the Whistle-blower and Witness Protection Bill which is meant to protect witnesses in corruption cases.
Meanwhile, provincial and district awareness teams have also been established in various provinces to encourage citizen participation in weeding out corruption.