Youths take part in Anti-drug abuse campaign

By ZBC Reporter

Stakeholders have intensified the fight against drug and substance abuse with the focus on high density suburbs which have become havens for these illegal activities.

Drug and substance abuse is on the increase in Zimbabwe, with culprits operating mostly in urban areas, particularly high density suburbs.

Highfield suburb popularly known as ‘Fio’ has become one of the hubs of dangerous drugs that include mutoriro, broncleer, crystal meth, marijuana among others.

33 year old Tawanda Machote who is a recovering drug addict after being hooked on marijuana for at least 10 years concurred with fellow young people and the elderly that more needs to be done to put an end to drug abuse among youths.

I was once an addict and thought life was good like that only to realise that I wasted my time by abusing drugs. As the youths we are mostly affected and these initiatives will help us have knowledge on the effects of drugs. The police should always be on watch for drug peddlers because action should be taken against them before they completely destroy our communities, he said.

The president of Retrievers of Hope Association, Mr Isaac Kugarahutsva noted the importance of engaging communities in the fight against drug abuse.

We have taken this fight to the community because this is where it is happening and we need to work together. If we fail to tackle this problem the youths will be destroyed and we won’t develop as a country, he noted.

Hopes have been pinned on the Zimbabwe Drug Masterplan adopted by government which contains strategies for rehabilitation with pressure groups calling for stiffer penalties for drug peddlers.

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