Youths key in national development

By Peter Chivhima

THE Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has enlisted the services of youths in raising awareness on electoral processes.

A three-day Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) Youth Conference kicked-off in Harare this Friday, with young people excited after being given an opportunity to participate in the national development agenda.

“We are very excited about the Second Republic for creating such platforms for us as youths,” said one youth.

“The Second Republic is living up to its promises. This is ideal in giving us youths voices so that we can be heard,” said another youth.

Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation Minister, Honorable Kirsty Coventry and Switzerland Ambassador to Zimbabwe His Excellency Mr Niculin Jager implored youths to play their part in building a better Zimbabwe.

“The national development strategy one recognises the participation of youths in the development matrix. Take this opportunity to remind those on high positions that youth participation is very important,” said Hon Coventry.

“I am very encouraged for organizing such an interaction with youths from all political parties across the country. Africa has highest number of youths and such youths are unique resources for the development of any nation,” noted Ambassador Niculin.

ZEC Chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba explained why they have enlisted the services of youths.

“Youth participation in the electoral process is vital as it gives awareness and better understanding of the nexus between elections and democracy,” said Chigumbu.

The conference is being attended by young people from different political parties drawn from the country’s ten provinces.