Youth challenged to be more innovative

By ZBC Reporter

Youth have been challenged to be more entrepreneurial and aim for global markets. The COVID-19 pandemic has opened the minds of youths to be innovative and prove that indeed they are future leaders.

ZBC News witnessed some innovations by young people who decided not to leave the fight against COVID-19 to the government alone but chose to be involved in finding respective solutions in the production of automated temperature testing and disinfection service, sanitizers and liquid soaps, among other items.

Addressing youths during the interface held in Harare this Friday, the Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation, Honorable Dr Kirsty Coventry challenged youths to be more innovative.

“We have hope in such innovations which are home grown and sustainable. Let me applaud the Zimbabwe Youth Council for coordinating and partnering with the young people in finding lasting solutions to our problems. Indeed, the future is young and it is herewith us. Let’s continue identifying such home-grown solutions and of course, with more research, we are able to improve on the innovations,” said the Minister.

Harare Provincial Minister of State, Honorable Oliver Chidau said there is now a need to take all youths on board, in particular, those in rural areas and those with disabilities and include them in government programmes.

“May I hasten to say there is also an urgent need to pay particular attention to youth in rural areas,” noted Minister Chidau.

Dr Coventry also spoke of the 17 million Zimbabwe dollar Youth Relief Fund disbursed by the government to assist youth-led enterprises and associations in recovering from the lockdown, adding that more than one thousand applications have been approved.

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