Your children are safe, China tells worried parents

By ZBC Reporter
DEPUTY Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Zimbabwe His Excellency, Zhao Baogang, Tuesday addressed parents with children studying in China amid fears of the Coronavirus, and he reassured them that their children are safe.
Zimbabwe has been sending students to China for studies since 2016 and currently, there are more than 2 000 students in China.
Speaking during the address with the parents in the capital today, the deputy ambassador reassured parents that their children are safe and that they should not panic.
“I want to assure you and do not panic. I promise me you that your Children are safe in China,” he said.
The deputy ambassador pledged his commitment to providing information regarding the safety of students studying in China.
“The situation is now under control as being witnessed by new cases being reported. Most cases were reported in Hubei. We will continue to work hard to contain the virus, we have deployed more doctors and more nurses than patients and we hope that the virus will end by April.”
The Deputy Chinese ambassador gave out his mobile number for assistance to the parents in case it is needed.
Deputy ambassador Baogang pledged to support the Zimbabwean government if there is a need for evacuation of citizens in China although there are fears that evacuation may further increase the spread of the virus.
“If the nation wants to withdraw their citizen China is ready to assist,” he said.
He dismissed rumours circulating on social media of virus scare in Zimbabwe saying all the suspected cases were negative.
Scientist and researchers are doing the best they can to find how Corona can be cured. Close to 3 000 deaths have been recorded globally due to the Coronavirus.