Young Women for Economic Development bring empowerment to Harare

By Tafadzwa Chigwedere

THE story of women who traditionally relied on men for subsistence is set to change as the Young Women for Economic Development is rolling out various programmes to equip women with skills such as welding and metal fabrication.

Participants are excited about the week-long life-changing training programme underway in Harare’s Workington Industrial Area.

“Life will not be the same for us we are now able to do what was only done by our male counterparts,” said a participant in the training programme.

“My life was just miserable before this course I could not do anything with my hands.

“Now with these new skills as women we will be able to transform our communities, we want to thank the government for empowering us we are now able to work for ourselves.”

Young Women for Economic Development Head of Projects in Mashonaland Central province Rosslyn Nyakudya Chigoverah told ZBC News that the women will operate under a registered company.

“The trained women will be trained to be able to take part in the development of the communities they are coming from and will also be able to participate in the government projects,” she said.

The training programme is set to benefit more than two thousand women across the country in line with government’s mantra of leaving no one and no place behind in the national development matrix.