Young Mighty Warriors coach Rose Mugadza appointed CAF Instructor

By Zbc Reporter
Young Mighty Warriors (Under 20 Women) coach Rosemary Mugadza has been appointed as Confederation of African Football (Caf) Women coaches Instructor.
Former Mighty Warriors player, catain & coach Mugadza, is one of the celebrated figures in women football.
Caf confirmed the appointment of Mugadza in a letter dated January 23, 2020.
“Caf is delighted to announce that you have succesfully completed your Women Instructor of Instructors training. To differentiate the instructors we divided them into four categories: Regional A, Regional B, Regional C and Local depending on the assessment made.
“This letter is an official document apppointment you as Regional C Instructor for a period of one year. During this period you will be called to carry out tasks at local level, to participate in refresher women courses, to participate in Caf Women activities and at the end of the above mentioned period, you will be subject to a new evaluation.
“Caf may assign you to tasks at any time in order to keep you active and updated with new trends in the game,” wrote Caf Acting secretary general Anthony Baffoe.
Mugadza’s achievement is historic and serves as a reminder to all that given a chance, women are achievers on their own and deserve respect like everyone else.
The milestone is an inspiration to all female coaches and administrators that with the right support, focus and determination, the sky is the limit.
The appointment should give the Zimbabwe Association, the impetus to continue to give maximum support to the development of women football from coaching courses to general administration of the game.