You are our 2023 candidate, war veterans tell President Mnangagwa

By Justin Mahlahla

A solidarity message by Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa as Chairman of the Zimbabwe National Liberations War Veterans Association at the inugural war veterans elective conference has revealed an obvious fact: the war veterans are behind President Emmerson Mnangagwa all the way.

The elective conference, which comes after several false starts, finally took off in the capital, attended by thousands of the country’s veterans of the liberation struggle.

Also in attendance are representatives of sister revolutionary parties from Angola, Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia and as far afield as Palestine.

“My prinary and overriding call is to salute H.E. Cde Predident Emmerson D. Mnangagwa for being true and faithful to his word. On assuming power in 2017 as Head of State of the Second Republic, he made a solemn pledge to form and concretise the involvement of the survivors of Chimurenga/Mvukelo into a Fourth League of ZANU-PF,” said Cde Mutsvangwa.

“Today we are jubilantly living the realisation of that pledge. National Hero Hitler Hunzvi, the first chairman of ZNLWA must be happily smiling in his grave today. We render to you our heartfelt gratitude. In return, we once again give you our pledge of unstinting loyalty to you, our leader, to our ZANU-PF Party of the Zimbabwe Revolution. Come 2023, you are our sole and only candidate for the 2023 National Harmonised Elections,” he said.

Ambassador Mutsvangwa noted the passing on of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, emphasising that the age of worshipping a foreign monarch is long gone.

“Comrades and Friends, there was a time when the British Queen exercised her writ over our expansive lands, then colonial Southern Rhodesia. All the Zimbabwe national school children including black majority ones, used to sing “God Save the Queen.”

“That epoch of national humiliation; of worshipping a foreign monarch is long gone. In 1980, the British “Union Jack” flag was lowered by Prince Charles in the Rufaro Stadium. The Rufaro Stadium ceremony crowned 16 years of a protracted, arduous and painful armed struggle.”

He said the war veterans have always played a critical role in entrenching the saceificial spirit of the liberation war era, ensuring Zimbabwe achieves her socio-economic and political aspirations.

“Cde President, we are relieved and delighted that this age old desire for better life for our people has taken centre stage in your Second Republic. With your mantra “Zimbabwe Is Open for Business”, you are marshalling domestic and foreign direct investment to once grow our economy to full flourish,” he said.

“Cde President you are plying our rich endownment of natural resources to competent capital, local and global entreprenuership. Your slogan “Nyika Inovakwa neVene Vayo” is en route to deliver world class quality products and services destined for the discerning global market place. We equally applaud your quest that your devlopment agenda of ‘leaving noone and no place behind’,” added Ambassador Mutsvangwa.

He went on, “Comrade President, you are mustering scientific modern innovations like Pfumvudza to ensure full granaries and sustained food security. Delivering prosperity is the greatest homage to our departed heroes and heroines.

“Your National Development Strategy One is the vehicle of you vision, policies, and programmes for our aspirations of Upper Middle Income Status by 2030. Comrade President, ZNLWA welcomes the birth and entry of the War Veterans League as an organ of the Party.

“As war veterans we humbly pledge to work with and within the party to deliver a walloping blow to the post colonialists and their local proxies in our national body politic.”

Added the war veterans chairman, “Comrade President, we are the first modern national liberation movement to assume power through the “ballot to office” as opposed to “bullet to office”. This template of conflict resolution has since been appropriated by the United Nations Organization international diplomacy.”

Ambassador Mutsvangwa said in this vein, war veterans will emulate the Presodent’s ethic of a punishing and grinding work schedule, and pledged to undertake to deliver a landslide electoral victory in the 2023 harmonised national plebiscite.