Women indispensable in the development matrix: President

By ZBC Reporter

ZANU PF President and First Secretary, Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa says his government is aware of women’s central role in the sustainable development of the country.

He was speaking at the official opening of the 7th ZANU PF Women’s League Conference in Harare this Friday.

“My government and indeed the party, recognise that women have an important, indispensable role to play towards sustainable economic development and prosperity.

“When women are present at the national decision making table, our development is accelerated. Indeed when women thrive, we all thrive, the nation thrives,” he said.

The President also emphasised the importance of teamwork.

“Meanwhile, I exhort the Women’s League to increase collaborations and partnerships across the social and economic spectrum. There is no room for silos, you are stronger working in unity and common purpose,” he added.

Turning to the conference, President Mnangagwa said it must be a platform that will steer increased participation of women in all sectors.

“The conference must, therefore address the contemporary issues that will drive greater participation of women in the socio and political arena. You cannot afford to undertake your issues in a business as usual manner,” noted the President.

The 7th National Conference of the ZANU PF Women’s League is being held under the theme; ‘Total, Political, Social and Economic Empowerment for Every Woman by 2030.”