Women empowerment takes centre stage in Bulawayo

By Lisa Masuku

YOUNG women in Bulawayo are being empowered with various skills including rabbit rearing through an initiative launched by the Young Women for Economic Development to improve livelihoods and boost food security.

The rabbit farming training programme which saw 38 young women attain certificates has been lauded as a key step towards ensuring women are not left behind in the country’s development agenda.

ZANU PF Bulawayo Provincial Chairperson Jabulani Sibanda, who presided over the certificate handover ceremony, emphasised the critical role that empowerment projects play in ensuring women contribute meaningfully to the economy.

“The projects being spearheaded by young women for ED are a blessing to the nation. These projects are empowering the girl child with skills that help them to be self- sufficient,” Sibanda said.

The Young Women for Economic Development has rolled out various projects targeted at empowering the girl child, including piggery and poultry farming.