Women championing self-reliance projects

By ZBC Reporter
WOMEN in Mudzi district are championing community resilience through various forms of self-reliance agricultural projects in an effort to ease the effects of climate change and enhance food security.
Despite the effects of climate change being quite pronounced in the area, a visit to Nyakuchena nutritional garden, ward 13 Mudzi District tells a different story.
The women running the garden are dedicated to fighting food insecurity in the drought-prone community.
Utilizing only four hectares of land and drawing water from a nearby pump, the group of 99 women has managed to produce maize, sweet potatoes, vegetables and beans and making lives out of their sales.
“As women, we took it upon ourselves to work hard as agriculture is the backbone of our livelihoods here in rural areas.” Said Spiwe Mudzengerere.
Amai Loveness Kowo from Nhakiwa village says since she started practising crop rotation and choosing the right seed varieties, she has managed to get surplus food.
“We have managed to pay fees for our children and develop even our homesteads; we don’t even know what hunger is.” Loveness Kowo said.
World Food Programme Communications Officer, Claire Neville, whose organisation is supporting community resilience in the area, says apart from complementing the government’s food handout program, they are committed to supporting community food security and nutrition programs.
“As well as providing food assistance we are scaling up resilience building which is crucial for example building dams for irrigation, nutritional gardens, improving livestock. We train people in communities so that they pass the knowledge to others on how they can sustain themselves regards climate change.”Neville said.
Over the years, recurring droughts and poor harvests have left many communities vulnerable, hence the need for more pronounced resilience programs that will help communities adapt to climate change.