Women and girls empowered with income generating projects and scholarships

Women and youths across the country have been capacitated with funding for life-changing projects and scholarships by an American-based international women and girl child organisation, Sister Accord Foundation, as part of efforts to tackle gender-based violence.

Launched in Zimbabwe last year with a pledge to empower at least 1 billion women and girls globally to alleviate cases of gender-based violence (GBV), Sister Accord Foundation has empowered a number of women and youths with study scholarships and various life-changing projects, including poultry, peanut butter making and piggery.

While speaking at the launch of the Bulawayo chapter of Sister Accord Foundation this Sunday, celebrated media personality Thabani Gambiza of the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation, who is the Zimbabwe Ambassador for Sister Accord Foundation, said empowering the girl child is empowering the nation.

“When you educate a woman you have educated the whole nation which does not only end with that, but even when a woman is empowered it means that family, community and nation at large has been empowered,” she said.

By spreading its wings to various parts of the country, the organisation is targeting to reach out to a million girls and women across the country and play an effective role in fighting the violation of women’s rights.