Woman allegedly swindles ZWL $2,5 million from unsuspecting victim

By Fungai Jachi

A 46-year-old woman has appeared in court facing charges of fraud after allegedly swindling an unsuspecting victim of ZWL$2,5 million in a botched grocery deal.

It is alleged that the 46-year-old Dejury Doro misrepresented that she could supply groceries before the complainant gave the accused her bank card to pay for the foodstuffs.

It is alleged that the accused then went on to transfer ZWL$2.5 million from the complainant’s account but did not provide the groceries.

The accused who was arrested after the matter was reported to the police is expected back in court this Thursday for bail application.

In another matter, 27-year-old Sarudzai Denga appeared in court for allegedly cloning an unsuspecting victim’s credit card and using it to purchase groceries.

The court heard that the accused offered to pay for the complainant’s groceries in exchange for United States dollars.

It is the State’s case that the accused used the complainant’s cloned card to pay for the groceries and was given US$1 000.

The complainant allegedly realised that he had been duped when he received a bank alert that he had purchased goods at a supermarket.

He reported the scam to the police leading to the arrest of the accused.

Still at the courts, Tapiwa Makumbe, aged 23 and Nyasha Berreck (21) were arrested after they allegedly used force to steal from their victim.

The court heard that the pair used a metal object to hit the complainant on the head leaving him unconscious before they stole cash and valuables.

They have been remanded in custody.