Wheat farmers call for creditors to be transparent

By ZBC Reporter
GOVERNMENT has been commended for the upward review of the wheat producer price which is comparable to regional figures.
Information, publicity and broadcasting services deputy minister Honourable Kindness Paradza, told the Mhangura Farmers Association members that this season’s wheat price pegged at more than ZWL$55 000 is comparable to regional prices.
“The wheat prices are in parity with regional prices, if not more,” he said.
The meeting with the farmers was partly meant to fundraise for the forthcoming ruling party national people’s conference slated for next month.
Farmers, however, called for transparency in the way creditors are billing them.
“Unozongoona wakunzi Mari yako yakawanda zvakadai asi iwe usina kumbobvira waudzwa kuti yasvika sei pa figure iyoyo,” (creditors just tell you figures without explaining how they get to those figures), said James Masango, a farmer.
“I think cbz should have a digital way of informing us as farmers as to how much we owe them periodically and as to how they would have arrived at their figures,” said Enerst Mauhy a farmer.
Government this Tuesday announced the new producer price for utility wheat now pegged at ZWL$55, 517, 69 per tonne and ZWL$66, 621, 71 for premium wheat.

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