What makes Mbare tick

By Josephine Mugiyo

THE high-density suburb of Mbare, in the heart of the capital city, is rarely ever quiet with so much going on.

Mbare remains an interesting place for many and rightfully so, as it hosts thousands of people coming through daily for one reason or another.

It has been over 110 years since the birth of Mbare, yet its name still echoes in the far and wide corners of the country to this modern day.

Despite a wide range of narratives defining the high-density suburb once known as Harari, Mbare has never been shy to bare its soul to both new and regular patrons, a feature that distinguishes it from the rest.

That Mbare is the birthplace of the word Hustle becomes an undeniable fact immediately on arrival.

As a ragbag of activities stretches from one end to the other, the burst of life can only be found here.

From the children playing on the duke box, some playing class games and these fellows here engrossed in a card game, though illegal – it’s happening.

“Mbare is where money fastly changes hands,” says one person.

In the heart of Mbare are the thousands who find their way to the suburb popularly known as ‘Musha Mukuru’ daily whether by choice or design.

Mai Tafadzwa is one of them. She has a street shop selling hot chips which seem to be in high demand.

The mention of ZBC Radio Zimbabwe draws many to think of Mbare as it has become a landmark in this area.

A walkable distance from the Studio is Chill Spot records, which has also become synonymous with Mbare.

The vibe in the streets is echoed by the vibe in these recording studios where Zimdancehall tunes reign supreme.

“This is where all the music is brewed, and that is what makes Mbare tick, people Come from far and wide as they seek to record,” said Fantan and levels, music producers.

“This is a place where one can get almost any tool and it’s part of what holds the economy in Mbare, there’s seemingly everything for everyone who is looking,” said one person from Magaba.

Everyone is minding their own business, seemingly unaware of what the next person is doing but this is what makes Mbare tick.
The sun will set and it will rise again and still, thousands will find their way back here giving Mbare that vibe that is found nowhere else.

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