West accused of ‘state piracy’

The West has declared a “total hybrid war” against Russia, resorting to open “robbery” and “state piracy,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Friday. Everyone “without exception” is set to feel the impact of this conflict, the top diplomat warned.

“Political correctness, decency, rules, and the legal norms are simply discarded, the cancel culture is applied to everything Russian, any hostile actions against our country are allowed, including outright robbery,” Lavrov said during his speech at a meeting of the Foreign and Defense Policy Council (SVOP) forum.

The hostile steps taken by ‘the collective West’ against Moscow in recent weeks have completely undermined its own reputation as a “predictable partner,” the diplomat continued. Such actions only bring the emergence of a truly multipolar world closer, as “not only Russia, but many others are reducing their dependence on the US dollar, on Western technologies and markets,” no longer feeling safe from Western “state piracy,” Lavrov believes.

The ongoing assault on Russia has already turned into a “total hybrid war,” he added. That “war” has already reached such a scale that “everyone” in the world will be affected by it, he warned.