We can no longer rely on the West – Sergey Lavrov

By Oleen Ndori

Russia says sanctions imposed by the west which are meant to marginalise and weaken The Kremlin will not deter it from maintaining its stand regarding Kyiv.

In an exclusive interview with Russia Today, Russia’s Foreign minister Sergey Lavrov revealed that sanctions which are intended to weaken and marginalise the Kremlin will not succeed.

“What we are seeing now in Ukraine is the quintessence of the Western strategic course, namely to marginalize Russia, to contain it, to put an end to Russia’s development, as well as to reduce Russia’s role to zero in world politics, economics, sports, art, trade, science, education,” he said.

He noted: “We are the champion in terms of the number of sanctions that have been imposed on the Russian Federation. More than 5,000 individual sanctions. This is almost twice as much as the number of sanctions imposed against North Korea and Iran.”

He also revealed that the crisis in Ukraine has shown how Russia cannot rely on its Western counterparts but remains open to negotiate with any other country on equal footing and mutual respect.

“If there was any illusion that we could one day rely on our Western partners, this illusion is no longer there,” Lavrov said.

“What the Americans want is a unipolar world which would not be like a global village but like an American village – or maybe like a saloon where you know the strongest calls the shots.”

Lavrov also told RT that Russia suspects Pentagon-funded bioresearch laboratories in foreign nations, including those in Ukraine, may pose a global threat.

According to Russia’s Foreign Minister, the Biden administration is seeking to return to a unipolar world hence the support to Ukraine in joining NATO in violation of the Minsk agreements.

Statistics indicate that while over 3 million people have fled the conflict in Ukraine, 400 000 civilians remain in the besieged Mariupol city.