WATCH: War Veterans Endorse Museum of African Liberation Project

By ZBC Reporter

War Veterans have endorsed the Museum of African Liberation ahead of the ground-breaking ceremony for the project in Harare this Thursday.

ZANU PF Secretary for War Veterans Affairs, Cde Douglas Mahiya said;

“The liberation war veterans commit to partner with the Institute of African Knowledge in this legacy project by providing accurate content, and information around the struggle. The capturing of our liberation, stories of war, information and collection of war artefacts is indeed an interesting African project which we are happy to be associated with.

“Our interest is not only legal, emotional or partisan but is indeed formed on a national foundation as veterans of the liberation struggle. As war veterans, we are here to rubber-stamp our commitment to this national and continental project and we would like to declare our role in helping Zimbabweans to tell the liberation story for our future generations.

“We will be able to do that with the people because as you know, it should be understood that, the freedom fighters had a relationship that is of fish and water with the people. So the story that we are going to tell is not exclusive as freedom fighters, but an inclusive story with the generality of Zimbabweans who participated in the liberation struggle.”

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