WATCH: President expresses gratitude for AFDB support

By ZBC Reporter
President Emmerson Mnangagwa met African Development Bank (AfDB) president Akinwumi Adesina, in Maputo on Wednesday who expressed the bank’s continued interest in assisting Zimbabwe.
The President said he thanked Mr Adesina for his bank’s assistance to Zimbabwe over the years.
“We thanked him as the president of the bank, that he has assisted Zimbabwe,” President Mnangagwa said.
“Each time we have sought to be assisted, the bank has risen to the challenge and we were briefing each other about the challenges Zimbabwe is facing now and the possibility of the bank extending lines of credit to Zimbabwe.
“The signs are very positive that we should continue to have that cooperation.”
He said there were discussions with other financial institutions to resume assistance to Zimbabwe.
“The bank is doing its best to discuss with other financial institutions to say the challenges facing the country don’t call for the insistence by many international institutions to continue denying Zimbabwe lines of credit.
“It’s unjustifiable and most irresponsible on the part of such institutions because Zimbabwe, like any other country, would want to develop and not interfere in other countries’ affairs. We are reforming politically and economically and are a stable country,” President Mnangagwa said.