WATCH: Motorists appeal for maintenance of traffic lights

By Memory Chamisa

MALFUNCTIONING traffic lights have become a major source of worry for motorists in Harare with congestion being the order of the day during peak hours.

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Honking of car hooters and yelling is the order of the day at Corner Robert Mugabe and Julius Nyerere intersection and two streets up Angwa Street and Jason Moyo, it is the same situation.

It is a daily nightmare that motorists have to endure during peak hours with most of them spending the greater part of the evening trying to find their way home.

“This Traffic Light has not been working for some time now and this is too much, whoever is supposed to be looking at it is just not doing so,” said a motorist.

“This is frustrating honestly speaking two plus hours going home after work just because the traffic light is not working but can be fixed,” said another driver.

“With this current situation, you will definitely run out of fuel, hours plus of this gridlock City Council must fix all these malfunctioning traffic lights as this is now a nightmare honestly,” said a frustrated motorist.

Contacted for comment, Harare City Council Acting Spokesperson Mr Innocent Ruwende seemed not to be aware of the situation yet the chaos is occurring right at their doorstep