Warren Park suburb – home of national monuments

By Memory Chamisa

Harare’s Warren Park suburb has become the home of national monuments, boasting of the National Heroes Acre and now the recent establishment of the Museum of African Liberation.

For the residents these monuments do not only put the suburb on the map but also provide economic benefits.

The National Heroes’ Acre is situated above a hill popularly known as PaChikomo, in Warren Park suburb, and now the establishment of the Museum of African Liberation, which when completed will boast of a shopping mall, a five-star hotel, amusement park, Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) Exhibition Park and a zoo, has certified the suburb as the home of monuments.

All of these amenities have brought significance to the suburb with the residents looking forward to employment opportunities.

“The construction of these amenities will bring good fortune to us as we look forward to employment opportunities,” a resident said.

Another noted, “Having such monuments in our community has benefited us greatly as we realise business especially during burials at the National Heroes Acre.”

A youth said, “As youths we look forward to employment with the construction of the museum and the hotel that is said to be built here which is good for us.”

Warren Park was named after cousins Robert and Hebert Warren who came to Zimbabwe from the Eastern Cape, South Africa and pegged their farm within the area.

History has it that Hebert sold the farm in 1892 after Robert contracted blackwater fever and died in November 1891, which was then subdivided into residential units and incorporated in the municipality.

Present day, the suburb houses thousands of residents and has phases, Warren Park1 and D.