Vumbachikwe Mine sets an example in environmental stewardship

By Providence Maraneli

Gwanda-based Vumbachikwe Mine is taking the lead in waste management after investing US$2.5 million in the construction of tailings storage facility.

This comes as mining giants around the world have been accused for being major culprits in environmental pollution, construction of a tailings storage facility byVumbachikwe Mine in Gwanda may go down as an example of how mining can be done in a safe environment.

“We have spent US$2.5 million in the construction of this facility because we are cognizant of the fact that in most cases affluent slimes may contain dangerous chemicals that may contaminate the underground water. So, doing this may not only help the organisation, but the environment that we operate in, Duration Gold Zimbabwe exploration and mining executive, Allan Mashingaidze said.

Meanwhile, environmental watchdog the Environmental Management Authority has been at war with miners who are failing to comply with waste management regulations.

Samson Nyimai, an environmental quality officer said: “We are saying that whenever there is an operational mine a slimes dam should be there because in most cases big mines don’t comply. So, we urge miners to copy what has been done by Vumbachikwe Mine.”

With mining being the major foreign currency earner, government expects it to be done in a sustainable manner.