Vocational skills training key in empowerment of young people – Dr Gumbo

By Tapiwa Machemedze
The ruling Zanu PF party has stressed the importance of vocational skills training in equipping young people to create employment in line with vision 2030.
This Monday Zanu PF Secretary for Education, Dr Joram Gumbo was at Chindunduma High One School where he commissioned projects funded by Zimbabwe Foundation for Education with Production (ZIMFEP).
“Young people in these schools are being taught life skills and it will help them escape from drugs and substance abuse like the President says, we build our own nation and looking at vision 2030 that is what is being done here,” said Dr Gumbo.
The institution boasts of water tanks and piggery projects which will support practical training in agriculture studies.
“Firstly, learners will be able to solve problems and they can create employment plus they will have survival skills.” said Frank Nyarende, the Chindunduma High School Head.
Chindunduma High One school, which played a pivotal role in offering training programmes for returning liberation war fighters in 1980 has remained a key component of political and economic emancipation.
It inherited its name from an area in Mozambique where freedom fighters were taught life skills and the culture carried on after independence under the auspices of ZIMFEP.
There are seven similar schools in other parts of the country.