Villagers hail government’s national mobile registration blitz

By Abigirl Tembo, Health Editor

VILLAGERS in Tsikirire area of Vumba in Manicaland Province have commended government for the ongoing national mobile registration blitz, which has seen them obtain birth certificates and national identity documents.

For decades, three generations of the Maworere family had gone through life without any identity document, a situation which had limited their choices in life, but now thanks to the government’s ongoing national mobile registration blitz, the family and fellow villagers are now part of the millions of Zimbabweans with national identity documents.

“My 54-year-old mother did not have a birth certificate or national ID. At 26 I also did not have any identity document. The same goes with my kids, so it was really a tough situation for us, but now thanks to the government we are now sorted,” said a beneficiary, Ms Lenna Maworere.

“Ny father and mother are late, hence I could not obtain a birth certificate, but due to this government programme, my sisters and I now have national identity documents,” said a beneficiary.

Another beneficiary said, “I would like to thank the government for issuing me with a identity documents. I am now 34 years, but I did not have a birth certificate or a national identity card. This would really trouble and haunt me especially when I thought of my children so when I heard about this government programme I took my children there and we managed to get our identity documents. I even considered a cow to be better than me because it has veterinary certificates. So, I would really like to thank the government.”

Local leader, Mr Charles Benali spoke on how the blitz benefitted the people from his village.

“A lot of people in this village benefited from this government programme. Some had actually gone for years without identity documents. We would really like to commend the government for this exercise, now children can even go and write their exams,” he said.

The blitz, which is targeting to issue out 2 000 000 identity cards, started in April is expected to end on 30 September.