‘Victoria Falls lockdown’

By Luckmore Safuli
The breath-taking Victoria Falls, which is known by the locals as Mosi-oa-Tunya has since its conferment as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1989 attracted millions of adventure seekers from across the globe.

From the time members of the Kololo ethnic group set their eyes of the natural wonder to the period David Livingstone encountered the waterfall, the Victoria Falls has never been closed to the public.

However, In the best interests of the public and as part of measures to contain the spread of covid-19, the natural wonder has joined the list of other iconic global tourist attractions that have been closed due to the devastating covid-19 pandemic.

“I was born is this resort town years ago and grew up here. What we are witnessing is unprecedented. In the past the Victoria Falls could be closed just for few hours as the officials would want to capture an animal that might have strayed into the rainforest” said Kenneth Zulu a local resident.

The over-trafficked destination which prides itself as the Adventure Capital of Africa has been turned into a ghost town with all the hotels empty and most of the businesses closed.
Only essential departments were open this Monday.
For the more than 20 000 residents of the border town who depend on the income that international visitors bring, the covid-19 outbreak is a serious disaster.

“The tourism sector has been the most affected as our town solely depend on tourists. We are however grateful that the residents and tourism sector has hid the call to stay home” said Fungayi Nhau – Afrohoney Guide Adventures – Director.

As the residents of the border town have been kept home the town has for now been captured by the baboons and warthogs which on Monday had the freedom of the town and could been seen freely roaming the streets on the resort town.

True to the popular adage that what goes around comes around, animals are having free reign while human beings are under confinement.

While the resort town has been silenced, the majestic Victoria Falls has refused to be silenced as the terrifying roar of the Mosi-oa-Tunya can be heard miles away.