Validation of the formalisation strategy implementation plan conducted

By Wellington Makonese

Government is focusing on regularising the informal sector through the validation of the formalisation strategy implementation plan to tap into resources which are unaccounted for.

This Friday the Ministry of Public, Service Labour and Social Welfare led other government ministries and other stakeholders including labour organisations in the validation of the formalisation strategy implementation plan on the informal sector.

The plan is supported by the international Labour Organisation (ILO) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

“We are looking at a number of characters. We are on a recovery trajectory we need various sectors of economy to tap resources. The whole of SADC is pre occupied by SMEs process. On formalisation, we are looking to assist depressed companies, training and increasing productivity. We also look at tax concession for informal sector to promote decent work,” noted Mr Clifford Matora, Chief Director in the Ministry of Public Service Labour and Social Welfare.

The International Labour Organisation believes the country is on the right path, taking a cue from countries that have used a similar strategy to develop economies.

Ms Annamarie Kiaga, a representative of ILO Zimbabwe-South Africa said, “The government approach is what we promote because it is groundbreaking and what we want to see in other countries. We are talking about how an enterprise even micro can develop. We are drawing lot of lessons from South America. This government is showing they want to do it.”

The formalisation process has been going on in phases with consultations having been conducted at various stages including players in the informal sector.

The formalisation entails regularisation of small businesses for them to be included in social protection cover and for them to get access to finance.