Covid-19 hospitalisation cases decline

By ZBC Reporter

THE COVID-19 burden on the health care system is easing in light of the decrease in the number of cases in the country.

This comes as government is on a mass vaccination drive to reduce the threat of the pandemic.

From a record peak of 2355 daily cases recorded on the 15th of July this year, to the latest figures averaging 266 cases as of this Wednesday, COVID-19 infections are significantly going down.

International health trackers note 145 new infections are reported on average each day which is 6 percent of the peak figure recorded on the 15th of July this year.

The fall in infections gives hope to the health care system that was strained to the limit by mid-July.

The burden is now easing according to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals, one of the largest isolation centres in the country.

We have recorded a huge decline on our handling capacity. At the peak we handled 270 patients but now as we speak we have 52 patients admitted. 36 here at Parirenyatwa and 16 admitted at our other isolation centre. The pressure had been intense but obviously with the declining figures this has also lessened the burden for us, said Parirenyatwa Hospital Spokesperson Mr Linos Dhire.

Community Working Group on Health Executive Director Mr Itai Rusike also noted that the declining figures offer a huge reprieve for health care workers who were under intense pressure to handle patients over the past six months.

 Definitely this will offer an opportunity for the health workers to recover and even our systems to recover from the pressure that had been ballooned when the third wave really hit us. As more people get vaccinated it means such a trend can be sustained and definitely this offers a ray of hope for the health care system, he noted.

With the number of fully vaccinated people now approaching the 2 million mark, there is hope for a better future with vaccination reducing chances of hospitalisation and even death by over 80 percent.

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