Dr Mahomva commends vaccination drive

A status update by Dr Agnes Mahomva, who is the Chief Coordinator of COVID-19 Response in the Office of the President and Cabinet reveals that vaccinated people who contract the novel coronavirus are contributing less than 10 per cent of covid-19 hospital admissions in Zimbabwe.

This is extracted from 207 deaths recorded for 1 to 22 July 2021.

The information also reveals that unvaccinated covid-19 patients make up more than 90 per cent of Covid-19 hospital admissions.

Of the 207 deaths, 88.9 per cent had not been vaccinated at all, while 3. 4 per cent had received their first jab, and 4.8 per cent had both jabs.

The Delta variant is more deadly and is also affecting more children as compared to previous waves, says Dr Mahomva.

As the nation and the rest of the world continues to experience the deadly third wave, Dr Mahomva has encouraged the acceleration of vaccination programmes countrywide through the procurement of more vaccines, strengthening static and outreach vaccination centres and expanding private sector involvement.

Meanwhile, the vaccination programme was able to accelerate after 2,5 million doses arrived in two batches from near the end of last month, with another million doses expected early tomorrow afternoon.

In the seven days between Friday last week and Thursday this week the vaccination teams managed to jab 349 948 arms, just short of 50 000 a day, with Sunday, as usual, being the slackest day since many vaccination centres are closed on that day.

At the same time there are indications that the enhanced Level Four lockdown may be starting to tame the third wave of infection although we are far from seeing the wave recede.