Vaccination gateway to economic recovery

By Davison Vandira

Experts say massive vaccination uptake is the quickest gateway to returning to socio-economic normalcy as evidenced by other jurisdictions that are close to attaining envisaged herd immunity.

With more than six hundred and forty thousand people having received the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, while in excess of 1.1 million citizens got their first jab, Zimbabwe is progressively marching towards attaining the envisaged 60 percent herd immunity.

It is these statistics that have given health and economic experts’ reason to believe that the country is well on course to opening up the economy once herd immunity is achieved as evidenced by goings-on in countries such as China and the United Kingdom.

According to a health professional Dr Hamadziripi Dube, the massive vaccination drive is a well-calculated move by government to ensure that the country returns to normalcy.

“The immunisation programme being rolled by government should be taken seriously as this is key for the economy going Forward as the level of vaccination will be a key determinant in opening up the economy,” he said.

Academic research has also pointed to a positive correlation between economic rebound and high levels of vaccination as interruptions due to illness and lockdowns will be greatly reduced thereby increasing productivity and production.

Economic Analyst Respect Mauto said, “The ongoing vaccination Programme inside the country’s borders should not be taken for granted as it is a key variable that will see previously censored sectors such as music industry, sports industry bieng given the greenlight to start their operations.”

Health observers have singled out Victoria Falls as a case study to the efficacy of attaining herd immunity as the resort city has been least affected with respect to infections and fatality, thanks to the Second Republic for articulating people-centred policies.