Vaccination drive gains traction in rural Zimbabwe

By Courage Bushe
THE Covid-19 vaccination drive is gaining traction in rural areas with scores of people turning out to get the jab in Midlands Province.
Citizens are warming up to the Covid-19 vaccination drive with a growing number of people seeking the jab in rural areas such as Mapongogwe of Vungu constituency.
The sheer numbers turning up at vaccination centres is testimony that the message has been well received by the rural populace.
Vungu constituency legislator, Honorable Omega Sibanda is not leaving any stone unturned in promoting the uptake of the vaccine.
“We are urging our people to ignore those conspiracy theories about these vaccines these vaccines are the only way to live and we have been doing awareness campaigns through the ministry of health,” he said
The country is currently experiencing a devastating third wave of the pandemic which has resulted in a rise in infections and deaths, hence the government is scaling up the vaccination programme.