UZ Acting Registrar defends new fees structure

By Colette Musanyera

The University of Zimbabwe has outlined the available options for students struggling to pay their fees, amid outrage over the recent fees adjustment at the institution.

Acting Registrar, Dr Munyaradzi Madambi explained the rationale behind the fees adjustment, which will see some students paying an equivalent of up to US$660 per semester.

“It is very expensive to run university education. It cones with many costs and having raised the volatility on the market our fees revision committee which includes students met on the 18th of August. The SRC had been advised to have a feel of what students expected and they suggested a 30 percent increase on the previous semester fees,” he said.

“We pay for ICT journals, internet, water, consumables and these do not come cheap. Students aren’t happy and parents are concerned but we need academically high standards. For Humanities, it’s US$466, Natural Sciences US$526, Life Sciences US$661.”

Dr Madambi also explained avenues that can be explored by students facing challenges with fees payment.

“The UZ has very flexible payment terms such as payment plans. We have created platforms for students to work on the campus and raise their fees. They are working on pavements, number plate projects and fences so that they get something to use for their fees,” he said.

The University adjusted fees last Friday ranging from an equivalent of US$466 to US$661 depending with the faculty, but this has not gone down with students and parents who are struggling to pay the required amounts.