US$90 incentive for early grain delivery

By ZBC Reporter
GOVERNMENT has granted the Grain Marketing Board the greenlight to pay farmers an early delivery incentive of USS$90 over and above the ZWL75 000 per every tonne delivered.
In its quest to boost food security and improve agricultural production, government has announced an intensive 2022 to2023 agriculture programme.
This came out during a post cabinet media briefing by Acting Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Honourable Jenfan Muswere in Harare this Tuesday.
“The nation is informed that the 2022/23 grains marketing season commenced on 1 April 2022, with substantial stocks of 453 717 Metric Tonnes (MT) having been carried over from the previous season as a Strategic Grain Reserve.
“The nation is also informed that Cabinet has approved a review of the price of maize to ensure farmers’ viability. The current maize price to ZW$75 000/MT plus a fixed early delivery incentive of US$90/MT. The early delivery incentive, will be extended to other crops such as traditional grains, sunflower and soyabean, is payable to 31 July 2022, and applies to all deliveries made since the commencement of the marketing season,” revealed Minister Muswere.

Regarding the 2022 winter wheat production, the post cabinet briefing revealed that out of a target to plant 75 000 ha and produce 383 000 MT, which would be a record crop for the country, planting to date is 62.8% of the target.
“The bulk of the planted wheat is at hardening stage. Cabinet wishes to remind the public that all contractors of grains should register with the Agriculture Marketing Authority (AMA) by 15th June each year, in accordance with Section 5 of SI 140 of 2013, for them to be able to participate and enter into contract farming,” noted minister Muswere.

On tobacco production and marketing, the nation was informed that a total of 122.7 million kilogrammes (kg) of tobacco valued at US$366.8 million have been sold to date, compared to 141 million kg worth US$382 million sold during the same period last year.
“The Auction and Contract floors average selling price has been firmer this year at US$2.99/kg compared to US$2.71/kg in 2021. The target for the 2022/2023 season is 275 million kg from 135 000 ha, with 96% of the tobacco expected to be produced under contract,”added the minister.
Cabinet also noted the benefits of ratifying the just ended Elephant summit held in Hwange.
“The public will recall that Government announced the hosting of the Conference at its 13th Post-Cabinet Press Briefing of 17th May, 2022. Cabinet is pleased to inform the nation that the Hwange Declaration on the Conservation of the African Conference was agreed on and released by the four participating countries, with a communiqué having been issued at the end of the Conference on 26 May, 2022. Going forward, efforts will be made for all African countries, including those who did not participate, to adopt the Declaration,” noted minister Muswere.
Against a wave of soaring inflation and increased calls for full dollarisation of the economy, the Minister of Finance and Economic Development Professor Mthuli Ncube highlighted the dangers of such a move.
Cabinet has noted with satisfaction infrastructure development and water provision for Binga in line with the Second Republic’s development war cry of leaving no one and no place behind.